SunCell Networks Ltd (SunCell) will build, own and operate a solar-powered 4G/LTE wireless network in Nigeria that will provide a neutral infrastructure platform for mobile network operators and internet service providers to provide 4G internet service.  Our network will consist of small cellular tower technology powered by hybrid solar-battery components, which will allow for a less conspicuous, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable network. 


SunCell will enable operators and providers to densify and extend signal strength while eliminating the sector’s current dependence on diesel fuel.  The result will be faster internet speeds, more reliable and constant coverage over a larger territory, at a lower cost to Nigeria’s 85 Million cellular users. 


Our platform will democratize the availability of 4G/LTE internet for all Nigerians, with its attendant salutary effects on business, education, the economy and society in general.  Most urgently, it will provide rapid infrastructure support to the Nigerian telecom sector, whose needs are critical. 


SunCell is a UK subsidiary of Soleil Energy LLC.  Go to Parent Company website Soleil Energy.


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